Erotic Massage

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Erotic Massage - Видео массаж

Sensual massage is a skill that's well worth learning as it can be used at almost every stage of a relationship. From giving a scalp massage or foot rub to seducing a potential partner with an intimate caresses, an erotic massage can both relax and arouse a lover. Learning how to give a sensual, erotic massage can open up a whole new world of playtime for you and your lover.

Start by making sure the room is warm — there's only one type of shiver you want to elicit, and as people relax their body temperature decreases so even if you're both keeping your clothes on, it will make the erotic massage more comfortable. Have warm towels on hand to cover the parts of your lover's body that you're not massaging. If you're going for a full body sensual massage, sharing a bath together first will help the muscles relax and set a sensual mood.

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Erotic Massage - Видео массаж