World's Greatest Massage, Classic Therapeutic Massage and ASMR

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World's Greatest Massage, Classic Therapeutic Massage and ASMR - Видео массаж

If you want to learn master skills of massage then Tyan Anmo Massage School is for you.

Classic therapeutic massage. Chelyabinsk. Classical massage, also known as Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage in the West. This method was developed in the 1800 's a Swedish internist per Henrik ling. Classic massage of the hands are an important tool.

Classic massage is the most ancient kind of massage that relaxes tense muscles (after a hard day or active workouts), and restores the functions of all body systems. This type of massage improves blood circulation, improves overall tone, it is used for figure correction, strengthen joints, the Elimination of pain, as well as for the overall positive influence on the body.

The masseur uses 5 main groups of effects:

• Kneading. Kneading muscles across or along the direction of the fibres. This method is effective to soften your skin and increases circulation of blood;

• Effleurage

• Vibration is a method of punching techniques of classical massage;

• Grinding of intensive mechanical treatment of muscles, tendons and ligaments. This technique is usually at their fingertips.

• Frottage. This method is used for relaxation.

Indications for classic massage:

For bruises and sprains, back disorders, hypertension, heart diseases, some gastritis.

Massage has many positive effects, such as increasing the circulation of blood and lymph, improve elasticity of joints, tendons and muscles, removal of slag. The massage also stimulates the endocrine system and contributes to the development of hormone oxytosin, which stabilises the nervous and immune systems.

But it has limitations:

Colds, fever, blood diseases, tumors and thrombosis.

Classical massage can be applied to the whole body or only part of it. For example, in the neck, shoulders, back, legs, or face. Unlike a back massage, aimed only at the spine and muscles that are located along the spine and are attached to the vertebrae and the shoulder blades.

This procedure is performed by experienced specialists of our Center and can be used for prevention as well as treatment.
Massage and asmr, asmr is a unique trend today.

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World's Greatest Massage, Classic Therapeutic Massage and ASMR - Видео массаж